Our project is steered from the Czech Republic - former Czechoslovakia. This is why we have started conducting oral history interviews with former political prisoners which brought us to the idea of introducing brief historical overview and related topical articles so that the whole issue of political opression in our homeland after 1948 became a bit more comprehensive. However, the Czech-English language barrier still proves a challenge. We will overcome this, given time. But for now, we are taking small steps and kindly ask you to tolerate any less-than-comprehensive terms or phrases listed in our texts.

(Pokračování článku)

Other countries

In addition to publishing authorized transcripts of life stories and biographical interviews conducted with our Czech and Slovak narrators, we would like to encourage our supporters and colleagues to send information about any other local examples of political imprisonment or oppression. With these, it is our aim to compile an on-line handbook of different notions and definitions of political prisoners in time and space. Political persecution, violence and injustice take place in many forms (and times), but the strength of individual is the value that helps one to survive and eventually defeat the brutal regime.

(Pokračování článku)