Conference Team

There they are - the team members of the "Czechoslovak Political Prisoners in the eyes of YOUTH" conference. 

Tomáš Bouška, Klára Pinerová, Michal Louč – members of the project Political volunteer initiative. 

Peter Luschen – AEGEE (Utrecht & Tallinn) 

Peter (25) is working as a Political Assistant in the Dutch Parliament (House of Representatives) and is a MA student of European Law at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Active member of AEGEE and supporter of the initiative 

Lukáš Pochylý – AEGEE (Prague) 

Lukas (22) is a Secretary of AEGEE-Praha and member of AEGEE since april last year. He is 22 years old and studies University of Economics in Prague for 3 years. Among his interests belongs history, travelling, sport and AEGEE spirit. 

Sam Schatteman – Citizens of Europe (Berlin, Germany)

Sam (29) designs EU campaign processes in Germany. Besides his job in the e-commerce world, he is an activist at and member of TN2020, the transatlantic network of the British Council. As president of the European Convention of Young Citizens Berlin, he stimulated debates about the European Constitution. He is a scholar of the EU programme "Future Capital" and wrote about the Polish migration in Berlin. He shares his experiences as a flemisch migrant in Berlin on his blog 

Pavla Blažková – a student at the Charles University in Prague, the Faculty of Humanities.