Political Prisoners.eu as a Partner Organisation of the European Project

NGO Political Prisoners.eu is a partner organization of the European project: "The BG and FYROM victims of Stalinism - today victims of forgetfulness and ignorance" since December 2012. 

NGO SNC-Pirin TV was founded in 2003 in Blagoevgrad and is represented and managed by Emil Voynov Radev. The general mission of the organization is to protect the human rights and to develop, approve and support the building of civil culture of informed and active citizens. The organization works towards the promotion of the memory of the past, of the cultural and educational development, through the active involvement of people, civil society, institutions and the enrichment of diversity. Permanent partner of projects is Media partner - television Pirin TV that ensures broad media promotion of all activities of NGO SNC - Pirin TV. 

The project aims to achieve from one side fostering the education, respect for and appreciation of human rights and active European citizenship and on the other side to initiate debate in the BG and FYROM society, which will lead to further evaluation of Communism, following the experience of Czech, as well to a change in the educational approach to the study of communism in BG and FYROM schools and universities. 

Project „The BG and FYROM victims of Stalinism - today victims of forgetfulness and ignorance”, Decision Nr 2012 - 3596 / 001 – 001, funded by the EUROPEAN UNION, Europe for Citizens Programme. Partners in the project are NGO Diversity Media Production (FYROM), National Humanitarian Secondary School St. St. Kiril and Metodii (BG), NGO Political prisoners.eu (CZ) and High school Kole Nehtenin (FYROM).