The conference is successfully over and we go on with new plans and events!

Few days ago we had the closure of the first conference of Hopefully you, our participants, have all arrived home safely or are still enjoying Prague and keeping in mind a nice memory.

On behalf of the organizing team we would like to say that it was a pleasure having you at the conference. We hope you have enjoyed it and learned as much as we did.

To find out if you really did so, we would like to ask you to send us your comments (or compliments:), which things did you like about the conference or which could be improved in your opinion? Don´t worry, we won´t bite you, nor publish it :-)

Your opinion is important for us, since it will be a possibility to improve future events. Ideally, we would have liked to have an evaluation at the end of the conference, after the Senat (the highlight of the conference), but travel schedules made it a bit complicated. That is why we would like to approach you in a digital way.

Your evaluation will be highly appreciated. Please send ythem to

Besides, we would like to ask you to send your BEST photos to Michal, which could be uploaded to our website. Of course, all non publishable photos can be shared in a less 'formal' format.

Hope to hear from you soon and do not forget to spread the word about political! Check our website regularly for future events and stay with us!



The workshop presentation in the Czech Senate

Reflections from our conference participants