The Tap Tap Play for Political Prisoners in Jáchymov

Do come and join this special event in the Czech Ore Mountains! 

The members of the Czech volunteer initiative Političtí vě invite you to an unique concert of the handicapped music band The Tap Tap, which will take place on 27th of June 2015 in the town of Jáchymov (North-West Bohemia, close to Karlovy Vary). On this day we commemorate the official Day of Political Prisoners in the Czech Republic, symbolizing the remembrance of those who were persecuted during the period of non-freedom in Czechoslovakia after 1948. Restored information panels with updated texts and QR codes will be introduced within the knowledge trail “Jáchymovské peklo” (Jachymov Hell) prior to the concert. The trail begins next to Jáchymov town hall and leads through several former slave labour camps and uranium mines to end up near former Jáchymov mint where famous silver “tolars” were produced. 

The event is a part of the project "Remembrance of Czechoslovak Gulag: Restoration of Knowledge Trail in Jáchymov”. The project is supported by public donors who contributed through the Hit-Hit crowdfunding collection, as well as by the Town of Jáchymov, Museums in Karlovy Vary and Sokolov and Avast Foundation. Its aim is to remind the unlucky period of former forced labour camps in the immediate vicinity of the town (including a website offering 3D visualization of of the former camps Rovnost and Svornost) and to present more complex information about the mining history in Jáchymov region. 

During the event, there will be a possibility to learn more about the aims and objectives of the volunteer initiative Političtí vě as well as visit the very trail with an accompanying guide from the initiative Političtí vě and also to meet former political prisoners, Mrs. Hana Truncová and Mr. Zdeněk Mandrholec. The program is expected to start at 11 a. m. and will be wrapped up by the concert of The Tap Tap in the late afternoon.

The Tap Tap is a professionally working band which enables young people with disabilit y not only to create and realize their potential but also to encounter authority and overcome obstacles. The core of the group comprises of almost 20 stable members – physically disabled students and school-leavers of Prague Jedlička Institute schools. The income from each of The Tap Tap’s performance is used for financing the educational centre STUDEO, whose aim is to support individual Development of persons with physical disability and to help them to increase their chances on the labour market. Their concert for political prisoners in Jáchymov is yet another example of their active presence in the Czech public life.

Političtí vě (Political is a Prague-based, unsubsidized research initiative whose primary purpose is to collect and disseminate the oral histories of the political prisoners who survived Czechoslovakian prisons under Stalinism. In addition to this website’s focus on the late 1940’s through 1950’s, we hold regular historical conferences, youth camps, and compile the Czechoslovak Political Prisoners anthology to enable these stories to cross the globe. 

Contact us at in case of any question or information regarding the event on 27 July.