Announcement for the international workshop

International Workshop "Life in the Stalinist Labor Camps" commemorating victims of Stalinism by active engagement of youth in recent history (May 1 - 3, 2009, Prague/Příbram). 

Three days educational seminar for 33 young Europeans will take place in Prague and a town of Příbram, on places where former labor camps and uranium mines were situated. The main aim is to access information to the young generation about recent history, mass persecution and accompanying life in the labor camps in the 1950s. The seminar will be split into two parts - the first will be theoretical - lectures of experts will introduce the study topics: era of Stalinism, repressions, political prisoners, prisons and labor camps in 1950s. Such an introduction into the problems of postwar history is important for understanding the situation in Europe and even remaining world. Explanation of these events is necessary for further understanding of the issues of this project and for evaluating the past development in Europe. Differences in development in Communist and Democratic countries will be compared in consequential discussion. The importance of observance of the human rights and democratic values will be stressed by the former political prisoners who will be invited to share their stories. 

A practical part will follow after the theoretical part of the seminar – students will visit the reconstructed labor camp Vojna near Příbram, guided by former political prisoners who have experienced conditions in these places. Youth participants will be able to check the conditions in the labor camps such as accommodation, hygiene and repressive measures as corrections and isolated cells. 

The main expected result is a meeting between the representatives of young generation and those who survived the oppression. Most of young Europeans have uncertain knowledge about this sensitive part of recent history and most of them cannot probably imagine the conditions and life in the Stalinist labor camps. The proposed three days session will fill this gap with witnesses willing to share their experiences and memories. 

For applications and more information please contact our coordinator: Peter Luschen