Europe celebrates the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain in 2009. The end of an era. In this symbolical time, we prepare an international youth event for 50 students from all over Europe. The four day conference is dedicated to commemoration of victims of Stalinism in former Czechoslovakia and beyond. 

We are going to present life stories of those who survived the mass political persecution and are willing to share their memories with YOU. This unique constellation for a meeting with witnesses of Stalinist past will never repeat in the future! 

The event will involve the presence of former political prisoners, academics and experts from the field of oral history. 

Not convinced yet?

If you want more information check the preliminary program or contact us at: 


Applications will start on December 1st. A motivation letter will be required. We are looking for highly motivated participants under 26 years of age with a different academic background and common understanding for recent past. A rich program (directly in the center of Prague) will provide a combination of non-formal lecturing, group sessions & debates and participation at Prague´s largest festival against totalitarianism, cruelty and violence. 

The conference fee will be € 58. This includes 3 days accommodation in the center of Prague, breakfasts and warm dinners, cultural program in Prague and the content itself of course. 

See you soon in Prague!
The Conference Team