Practical info for participants of the workshop

Dear participants!

In two weeks from today we will have the kick-off of the International workshop 'Life in Czechoslovak Stalinist Labor Camps'. On behalf of the entire Team we would like to express that we are looking forward to meeting you all in Prague.

During the event both the accomodation and the catering will be at Hostel Cisarka, Podbelohorska street 97, Prague 5. Simple but clean hostel rooms, reception selling drinks 24/7, accessible all night long. The location is out of the center, but nightlife can be reached by bus in 15-20min. We have chosen a place that may be - in a way - similar or authentic to the way prisoners were separeted from civil life... Don't worry, you won´t suffer!

In case you'll arrive before the conference starts or staying longer afterwards, and you are in need of accomodation, there is a possibility to arrange your accommodation in the same hostel. The price is about 350,- CZK/night. Please note that the participation fee for the conference only covers 2 nights (Friday and Saturday, 1-2 May). If you are interested in staying at the same hostel for extra nights prior to the event or afterwards, please inform us as soon as possible so that we could help you in making the reservation (

In coming days we will send you directions how to reach the hostel. On friday 1 May there will be the possibility for registration from 10.00am onwards at the hostel where we will be waiting for you (more details will follow).

Concerning the food, if you are a vegetarian or if you are having some food allergies please inform us in advance.

Attached you'll find some documents about Czechoslovak history, which we would like you to read before your arrival in Prague.

Besides, on Friday there will be a workshop where participants, ie. you, are asked to exchange their experiences and knowledge about mass persecusion in their country. For this reason we would like to ask you to prepare a short paper to inform the other participants about communist history of your country, mass persecussion, prisons and labour camps, political prisoners, etc. If you are from non-communist country, you could share your knowledge with the other participants on the thema "mass persecusion and communist history" in the Soviet block (not only Soviet union but eastern European countries as well). The aim of this workshop will be to inform eachother and have discussions about the topic.

See you all soon in Prague!

Peter Luschen